Continual education credits
Learning credits will be available to participants from the following societies. (Learning credits will be confirmed before the end of August. We may recommend participants keep in tracing at this website when more confirmation is received)

  • 中華民國醫師公會全國聯合會 Taiwan Medical Association (教育積分:專業課程 38.8積分)
  • 台灣感染症醫學會 The Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan (6學分)
  • 台灣兒科醫學會 The Taiwan Pediatric Association (8 學分)
  • 台灣家庭醫學醫學會 Taiwan Association of Family Medicine (15點)
  • 公務人員終身學習護照 Life Long Learn (16小時)

Note : Please carry your member/certificate numbers to Credit Registration Desk for this purpose.
(*注意事項 : 會議當天請攜帶 會員編號證書字號 。)

* For those applicants who wish to receive “Government Employee Life-long Learning Credits”, please remember to visit the "Government Life Long Learning" website at to complete on-line registration.

* (凡申請「公務人員學習認證」者,請記得先至公務人員終身學習入口網站完成線上報名程序。)
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