1. Please book early before September 15th to avoid disappointment.
  2. The conference fee does not include hotel accommodation. Only 2 types of rooms are listed in the chart, although various types of rooms may be available. Special rates are available as listed above when you make your bookings directly with the hotel and state that you are a participant in “The 2nd International Symposium on Vaccine from Research to Product Launch”.
  3. Some hotels can provide shuttle bus between NHRI and the hotels. Please just ask and make inquiry to the hotel you are going to stay.

* All rates are subject to change without notice.


  1. 為了您的權益,敬請於 2010.09.15 前完成訂房手續。
  2. 大會報名費未含住宿費用。上表提供之優惠價格,僅適用於本會議參加人員。各飯店提供之優惠價格甚多,本表僅列出各飯店該房型之與會優惠價,亦有搭配兩天一夜之研討會專案價格,請逕向各飯店詢問。
  3. 部分飯店備有接駁專車,請洽各飯店櫃台。(請參見Traffic)

* 本表僅提供參考,費用及房型以各飯店公告為準

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