Invited Speakers

Thursday, 7th October, 2010
Session Topic Speaker Organization

Keynote Speech I

Design of glycoprotein vaccines against influenza and other viral diseases
Chi-Huey Wong Academia Sinica
Section 1
Vaccinomics: will it be the second golden age of vaccinology
Michel Klein Chairman VaxiBio Inc, Canada, Visiting Scholar, NHRI
A tale of two vaccines on "how the times they are changing"
Ian Gust The University of Melbourne
Delivery of siRNA and vaccine for cancer therapy
Leaf Huang University of North Carolina, USA
Strategic vaccine approaches for respiratory syncytial virus
Barney S. Graham National Institutes of Health
Section 2
Pandemic Flu Vaccine
The development of a cell-based flu vaccine
Chia-Hsin Hsiao National Health Research Institute
Challenges for H1N1 vaccine production in 2009
Ching-Chuan, Chang Adimmune Corporation
Development of Panvax® for pandemic influenza
Russell Basser CSL Limited
Parallel section 3A
(Meeting room #2)
Selected poster oral presentation
Parallel section 3B
Workshop I
(Meeting room #3)
Screening of cell substrates: development of new assays to detect endogenous, latent and adventitious viral contaminants
Martin Wisher BioReliance
Integrated solutions - Platform concepts for biopharmaceutical processes
Michael Koch Sartorius
Single use concept and new development for bioreactor
Thorsten Adams Sartorius
Single use concept and new development for media and buffer preparation
Mathias Bayru Sartorius
Friday, 8th October, 2010
Session Topic Speaker
Keynote Speech II
Old wine in a new bottle: Killed oral cholera vaccines
John D. Clemens International Vaccine Institute
Section 4
Emerging Diseases
Involvement of host and viral factors for interaction of PSGL-1 with enterovirus 71
Hiroyuki Shimizy National Institute of Infectious. Diseases
Scavenger receptor B2: a cellular receptor for enterovirus 71
Satoshi Koike Tokyo Metropolitan Organization for Med. Res.
Lessons from enterovirus 71 epidemics: evolution of re-emergent viruses and its impact
Jen-Ren Wang National Cheng Kung University
Section 5
Novel Vaccines
Innovation and strategic alliances - foundation for biotech success
Katherine Cohen Intercell
Hydrogel-delivered GM-CSF overcomes non-responsiveness to hepatitis B vaccine through recruitment and activation of dendritic cells
Mi-Hua Tao Academia Sinica
Mucosal delivery of human respiratory syncytial virus vaccine
Yen-Hung Chow National Health Research Institute
Parallel section 6A
Adjuvants & delivery Systems
(Meeting room #2)
Development of micro-encapsulation technology for a single-dose multivalent vaccine against influenza and enterovirus 71
Ming-Hsi Huang National Health Research Institute
New adjuvants to fine-tune responses to mucosal vaccines
Carlos Alberto Guzman Helmholtz Center for Infection Research
A novel technology for the production of heterologous lipidated immunogens in high yield has implications for the field of vaccine design
Chih-Hsiang Leng National Health Research Institute
Parallel section 6B
Workshop II
(Meeting room #3)
Evaluating platform technologies for vaccine purification processes
Annelies Onraedt Pall Corporation
Process economics for vaccine manufacturing Robert Morenweiser GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Evaluating platform technologies in downstream purification for vaccine manufacturing processes Suma Ray Sartorius
Parallel section 7A
(Meeting room #2)
JEV-based vaccine development
Ching-Len Liao National Defense Medical Center
Combination of recombinant adenovirus vector and soluble HA mimetic protein to develop a "prime-boost" type H5N1 vaccine
Suh-Chin Wu
National Tsing Hua University
Alphavirus replicon particles expressing hemagglutinin and fusion proteins provide complete protection from measles
Chien-Hsiung Pan National Health Research Institute
Parallel section 7B
Workshop III
Quality Management
(Meeting room #3)
General considerations for clinical trials of vaccines/biological products
Ming-Hsiao Chan Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan
Revision of PIC/S GMP Annex 2 (From Premises and Equipment perspective)
Frank Wu UBI-Asia
Using label-free bioanalytics to improve vaccine development and manufacturing QA/QC
Fredrik Sundberg GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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